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Designing, developing and guiding you in the process of creating your personal web presence online. We specialize in Web Accessibility and WCAG 2.0 compliance. Being a small business, we are able to keep your expenses lower. We can also teach you how to do your own web site maintenance.

We have over 15 years experience in web creations. We believe in using clean designs because it creates the most effective, yet accessible presentation. We can help you find the best web fit for your new virtual home online at an affordable price. We primarily program/design with PHP, HTML5 or XHTML. We have experience in many other online languages, such as CSS, Ruby, Java script, JQuery, Java and Flash. We develop web applications or direct you to the best open source and commercial applications available. After your web site is running, if you still need help with the application, we can maintain it for you. If you need help with an existing web site, we work with those, as well.

What We Offer

  Web Design

We help you to sort through the layout, the template styles, the colors and the graphics. Web designs can be complex or basic. We develop mock-ups of the pages to give you the opportunity to play with the layout before building the web site.


Web accessibility is not merely about being able to see the web site from your browser. Web content should be user-friendly, as well as accessible for individuals with disabilities. Using WCAG 2.0 helps to establish web accessibility for everyone.

  Web Site Clean-up

Do you have a web site already, but you are ranking low on the search engines? The site is not user-friendly on mobile devices? You want a new layout or template for your pages? PHP scripts are no longer working right? We can clean up content, layout and code in a way that optimizes your site for search engine standards. Also, we can update for newer browser standards.

  Web Management

Only needing a few pages or paragraphs cleaned up from time to time? Needing a new script to help promote your products? Perhaps you want a forum upgrade and don't know how to do it. Having problems finding the time to maintain your web site and pages are out of date? We can help you with any and all of that.

  Keywords & SEO

We have experience using the correct product descriptions, the appropriate use of keywords and preparing your web pages for search engine optimization. It is a building block process. We have the tools to readily search for dead links, validating HTML code and fix CSS errors. These activities are time consuming for small businesses. Let us help you get it cleaned up to improve your search engine rankings.


Some businesses need a little help in doing it themselves. We are willing to train you or an employee to maintain your own site. We don't want to own your site. We explain how you can access your site, keep it clean and efficient and make it user-friendly so that you get more traffic to your site.

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